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So it's become pretty in vogue, among fans, to write/interpret Blaine as kind of an idiot. Like, beyond the inappropriate song choices. (And I maintain that he's had exactly one choice that was SUPPOSED to be inappropriate to date, and when you put it down to him trying to woo an older dude and make himself seem mature and confident, I can see where he would have gotten the absolutely horrible idea.) Like, socially inept on multiple levels and just a little bit too much so to function.

And this bugs me on at least one level in canon, so it's niggling at me a lot in fic. Because here's the thing: it's established in the canon now that the Blaine we originally met was adapting a very conscious persona, probably a combination of The Perfect Dalton Boy and one too many movies with Cary Grant in them. We see from 2x15 that he relates to Kurt as an equal and a friend now but when he feels the need, he at least makes that attempt at slipping the mask back on. I don't know if being so much easier to unravel is due to Kurt's influence on him, or Darren knowing more about the character and making different acting choices as a result, or the fact that we as the audience know now so we're supposed to be able to see it, or what. I'll take all three.

But the thing is, that persona is a conscious choice. And when you're slipping a mask on, there's no way you're not watching constantly for what the effect is that the persona is having on people. Otherwise, what's the point? You understand what you're trying to convey on at least one level, because you realize there's something to hide in the first place. When Blaine tried and messed up before, it felt like it was coming from a book or a film and a place of idealism, like this is how things would work out if situations were never complicated and everyone was good-spirited enough that they secretly wanted to just hold hands and be guided to a better place. I can understand that. It lines up with his past, with pre- and post-hiatus stuff, with what we know.

So far we've only seen canon!oblivious Blaine from Ryan Murphy's episodes, and he's done it just enough and in situations ambiguous enough that I can buy it. (Although I still side-eye it, sometimes, because why would some of these things never occur to him? Conscious persona is supposed to be conscious.) Fanon has run with it, of course, to the point that Blaine doesn't just aspire to be wonderful at everything and inevitably fuck it up because hey, sixteen years old and life is not a movie. He literally has no idea how normal humans respond to things, and is running on some kind of charm autopilot. And I...do not understand why that personality is supposed to be 1) attractive/appealing, 2) worthy of Kurt, who deserves someone who can keep up with him, 3) in any way sympatico with the character we originally met and wanted to keep around so badly that half the season was apparently rewritten around him.

I don't know, am I missing something?
...oh fuck, I've become one of those fans, haven't I?
So I haven't talked to rm in a zillion years, maybe because it's my girlfriend who really knows her, but she just happened to do some meta on Glee - and Blaine and the Warblers and attaching a beautiful significance to "Raise Your Glass" in particular and a lot of stuff about triumph and queer portrayal and "other"ness - the other night and lol worlds colliding, and it's also kind of fucking beautiful. So I couldn't not reblog. Please check it out here.

Money quote, because LOL Kim cannot resist Blaine meta what is it about this character guys HELP ME that's not even what she was really freaking talking about:

"Glee, I’ve heard, gets a lot of stuff wrong, especially when it comes to people with disabilities (remember, other than this one episode, I’ve seen about 20% of a handful of different episodes, so I am, in fact, relaying other people’s insights to you that I am absolutely not qualified to comment on). But the show really does seem to get something remarkably right with its gay teens. Just the fact that the show has multiple queer characters whose queernesses read so differently is fantastic; we are not a monolith.

But what I really love? Is that Blaine is a leader. And readily followed. And deeply insecure. And struggling with the consequences of talent and attention. And maybe it’s the blazer and my sense that I can understand the world of his part of the show more than I can understand the world of the other parts of the show (entertaining side note: the name of my private school’s brother school was also Dalton). But he knows he’s lucky. And he just grabs for things. It’s all there in “Raise Your Glass,” which is his victory moment after doing something he adores (singing) with someone he adores (Kurt, who is complex and remarkable in his own right). It’s glorious.

Most of us don’t get victory moments like Blaine’s on that stage. Not in front of a cheering crowd, not spurring every one of your friends on to more joy and awesomeness. But somehow we get let into that moment in “Original Song,” and it’s startling. It’s why musicals matter. Hell, it’s why music matters.

I don’t often wish I were younger than I am. But wow, jump to my feet cheering during all that in my parents’ living room? Someone was somewhere. A lot of someones. What a thing!"

All that about him and them and that song and she doesn't even usually WATCH THE SHOW, guys. Like, wow.
I needed to make my own post about this post: http://sippycupofluv.tumblr.com/post/3907825398/blaine-prince-of-dalton .

Unlike a lot of anti-Blaine stuff, it bothered me pretty seriously because parts of it are true, but it felt like it took that truth and twisted it JUST enough for the benefit of the writer - it didn’t look at intent, and it didn’t look at the layers of what everyone’s really thinking and feeling, and it didn’t look at what it could turn into and become. I think the ‘affected, privileged lord’ jokes were certainly being made, I think Blaine’s definitely the king of Dalton and Darren has referred to him as such.

I also think we’re supposed to like him. I think he’s wonderful for Kurt - I think KURT is wonderful for HIM. And I think that what happened in 2x16 made perfect sense.

You were only waiting for this moment to arise...Collapse )
Expanding on this from my Tumblr post, because I just needed to say it.

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I am so, so, so goddamn sick of "Kurt gets another man and Blaine realizes what he lost and grovels and is regretful and creys forever" prompts. And fics. And spec. And wishlists.

It gets a new permutation every freaking episode, and it makes me want to put my head through a wall.
title: broken mirrors, restless hearts
rating: PG
characters: blaine, burt, pre-slash kurt/blaine
summary: somewhere between "Sexy" and "Original Song", Blaine visits the garage again.
notes: scriptfic snippet that was literally so persistant in my head that I was performing it out loud in the car. written on my lunchbreak. lots of idle speculation and fanwank that I really do think/hope/want to be justified. brad falchuck's blaine will always be my blaine.

inside tolls the bell, outside all is well...Collapse )
"Well, it was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together... and I knew it. I knew it the very first time I touched her. It was like coming home... only to no home I'd ever known... I was just taking her hand to help her out of a car and I knew. It was like... magic."



Also, this is ALL mary_flanner's fault.