October 8th, 2013

esmeralda with candles

Yuletide 2013, in which I pretend I still use this account for simplicity's sake

Dear Yuletide,

Hello, dear writer! Thank you for coming in and writing for me and my weird, eclectic little collection of fandoms. It's my first year writing this, so I hope I provide enough detail for you, and that I provide enough variety for you to find something in here that you'll enjoy.

Things I love: strong characterization and character relationships, anything with a different tone/approach that makes me look at my fandoms from a different angle, AUs that let you see just who these characters are and how they'd react in a different situation.

My own fic reads like meta a lot of the time, like a series of character and relationship studies, and I'm very interested in other versions of the same. I'll often want to see a riff on a particular pairing within the story (and my faves will be provided) but by no means feel forced to, and that can definitely take a backseat to the larger world.Collapse )