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Yuletide 2013, in which I pretend I still use this account for simplicity's sake

Dear Yuletide,

Hello, dear writer! Thank you for coming in and writing for me and my weird, eclectic little collection of fandoms. It's my first year writing this, so I hope I provide enough detail for you, and that I provide enough variety for you to find something in here that you'll enjoy.

Things I love: strong characterization and character relationships, anything with a different tone/approach that makes me look at my fandoms from a different angle, AUs that let you see just who these characters are and how they'd react in a different situation.

My own fic reads like meta a lot of the time, like a series of character and relationship studies, and I'm very interested in other versions of the same. I'll often want to see a riff on a particular pairing within the story (and my faves will be provided) but by no means feel forced to, and that can definitely take a backseat to the larger world.Collapse )
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I am not dead. Mainly, Tumblr just ate me, but I'm totally around and I love you all. And tonight is the season finale for Glee, so of course I had all sorts of Feelings. Feelings for Glee. And for you all. And I will share them now:

Thank you, Glee.

Thank you for giving me a love story that has made me feel more feelings than basically any other piece of media I have ever watched.

Thank you for introducing me to (or helping me rediscover) two actors who are incredible men, inside and out, who are multi-talented and open-hearted and inspiring and deserve every last beautiful thing that has been given to them.

Thank you for a big, brash, down-to-earth young woman who engages the world on her terms, and for how she has become my patronus.

Thank you for a warm, idealistic, slightly oblivious, strong-willed young man who is sometimes my spirit animal.

Thank you for giving me characters whose evolution into being open, honest, heartfelt and brave, even when it’s easier not to be, would give me an anchor and a place to look at myself when I was feeling at my worst this year.

Thank you for this fandom, in all its wanky ridiculous hilarious glory, and the friends I have made here in the past six months, and the friends I will continue to make.

Thank you for trying, even when you fail miserably, to create media that represents people of various races, sexualities, religions, sizes, and disabilities, and for working more and more to try and tell a story about all of them.

I remember when you were largely a story about two able-bodied straight cisgendered white people growing up impoverished in Lima, trying to be a story about outcasts and self-acceptance when everyone else felt like an accessory. Some people prefer you when you were smarter, sharper, but ultimately less inclusive and more cynical. I wouldn’t trade you back for a moment. You have changed so many lives up to now. You have helped so many people who need you way, way more than I do.

For all you are a terrible, terrible glitterbomb of a show, when you are wonderful you are so goddamn wonderful, so thank you, thank you, a hundred thousand times thank you.

You have a lot to measure up to in Season Three.
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Obligatory whiny statement about how there's a difference between saying you dislike something and bashing something.

Follow-up, slightly more specific note: if someone thought what I was writing was in some way OOC and untrue to the characters and said so in a respectful fashion, I would be more than happy to receive that comment and would even engage in cheerful debate with said commenter on said subject if I disagreed. I'd also be thrilled to flat-out ignore complaints about anything I write where it's a matter of your-interp-is-not-mine, your-kink-is-not-my-kink, because it is in no way saying I suck and not everyone is going to like everything I do. As long as you're not judging ME or my skill on the whole? We're great.

Some of the tropes I dislike in fanfic have been used by some of the best damn writers in the fandom, and it has made me think no less of them in terms of general quality and how much I respect them, and I haven't even commented on this to them because it's not like I'm their beta. And personal preference is personal, most of the time. But I made a note of saying what I subjectively disliked in a post that asked us what we thought because, y'know, someone asked.
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Not Glee, for once: Book of Mormon needs to have a soundtrack out immediately, and I LOVE THESE MEN.

This whole goddamn article. I just... Just read it. I heard a bootleg of Book of Mormon recently and it was the most incredible thing I've heard in a long time, and if it doesn't run on Broadway for years then there is no justice.

These men and their work and the idea of offensiveness and genuineness and how to get at what's true by laughing at what's ugly and never, ever shying away from how you really feel about something, even when you're wrong, as long as you're smart and sharp and you don't play favorites. As long as there's this ultimate core of goodness in it.

For Parker, who loves to talk about ­Joseph Campbell’s theories of the hero-journey, there’s no real difference between being a Mormon and being a Trekkie. “These people who get up every morning and put on their uniform and adhere to the rules of the Federation, to me that’s just sort of what a Mormon is, and I love that,” he says.

“In that decision to do that is something remarkable,” says Stone.

“To be a really good person,” says Parker.

“That decision to commit your life to certain principles and a certain narrative,” says Stone. “If I wrote a paper on that, I know I’d find inconsistencies.” But for a musical, they can draw whatever lessons they want.

They are seriously such a huge, huge part of who I am, they're two people I'll always deeply respect and always come back to. I think I've loved them long enough that I'd be able to form coherent words if I met them, thank goodness, because I would NEED to tell them how much they meant to me.
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Angry Glee shipwar feelings, please be advised.

Amidst the shipwars happening on Tumblr right now, it was stated that Klaine shippers were "doing it wrong" because we were treating our ship like a gay couple instead of just a couple, which creates further inequality.

So yeah.

Well-reasoned responses about why that's fucking ridiculous if you know anything about THE WHOLE WORLD AT LARGE were had, and I noted that this had better not be a ship war thing because if it was I had some Choice Words, and then a Kum shipper responded and confirmed that not only is it in fact a ship war thing, but checked off every goddamn square on Privilege Bingo. And then they asked whether anyone who ships Klaine would continue to do so if it was a straight pairing, based on their behavior. It is not the first time I have seen this question asked.

On this day, I have caused wank on Tumblr with the below, and I regret NOTHING.

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Wayward Son (a Blaine Anderson fanmix, redux)

Wayward Son
a Blaine Anderson fanmix (redux)

During the hiatus, I made a mix for Blaine - not Klaine, just Blaine, just where I thought his mind was at and how I saw his issues regarding performance, bravery, trueness to self, and the need to save the world while subtly realizing he was really, really bad at it. Since then Blaine is a little more oblivious, a little less of a mentor, a little quicker to fall apart. I'm still kind of proud I haven't thrown out a single song on that original EP, and now I've added eight more. I kind of love the boy, what can I say.

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