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Dear Yuletide,

Hello, dear writer! Thank you for coming in and writing for me and my weird, eclectic little collection of fandoms. It's my first year writing this, so I hope I provide enough detail for you, and that I provide enough variety for you to find something in here that you'll enjoy.

Things I love: strong characterization and character relationships, anything with a different tone/approach that makes me look at my fandoms from a different angle, AUs that let you see just who these characters are and how they'd react in a different situation.

My own fic reads like meta a lot of the time, like a series of character and relationship studies, and I'm very interested in other versions of the same. I'll often want to see a riff on a particular pairing within the story (and my faves will be provided) but by no means feel forced to, and that can definitely take a backseat to the larger world.

In porn, I have few things I don't like as long as everyone's enjoying themselves. No noncon, cruelty, golden showers or scat play. I'm also a sucker for dirty talk, for healthy open relationships or polyamory, and for the kind of dubcon where one partner is shy or nervous but slowly seduced into it.

Arrested Development
Characters: George Oscar 'GOB' Bluth, Tony Wonder, Byron 'Buster' Bluth, Lucille Austero
Pairings: GOB/Tony, Buster/Lucille 2

It's been a Blunder kind of summer. GOB and Tony's weird romance in s4 grabbed me and didn't let go, and I've been writing for them ever since, but I'd love all the takes on them from all the people ever. A bulletproof love of mine is writing your take on their Cinco de Cuatro night together - did they figure things out immediately? When did they make the decision to continue? What were their feelings afterwards, and why has Tony forgotten? Smuttiness would be lovely for that, but not required by any means.

But there's a lot of unexplored territory if you're looking for something that doesn't have five or six fics in a similar vein already. I'd love all the domesticity, all the stories about these two people who are so Same and sometimes so very opposite learning to be in a relationship and be unselfish towards someone else, even if it's just one other person. I'm also interested in seeing how Tony fits into the Bluth family. He's a very good liar and something of a con man, so it seems like he'd fit right in, but does that clash with GOB being something of the black sheep? I'm very interested in Tony-centric stories and strong characterizations of him. We don't know a lot about him as compared to GOB, but the hints we're given are tantalizing, so it would be great to examine his history, his goals, his general m.o. and how GOB shakes that up.

The other storyline that caught me this season was Buster's. I'd love all the fic about him just as a character, especially if it examines his role as a physically and emotionally disabled man, with most people either seeing him as something to be frightened of or something to use. I always loved him with Lucille 2 when they were first dating, with her serving as as a sort of physical and emotional bridge to growing up and away from his mother, yet L2 was always very aware of their dynamic and unwilling to be used. With the dark turn it took this season, did she believe she was genuinely helping him by lying to him? What are his feelings about her now, and about her disappearance? How does he respond to prison?

Let's Go To Prison
Characters: Nelson Biederman IV, Barry
Pairings: Nelson/Barry

Speaking of prison. It's been a Will Arnett kind of summer too, I guess. It's criminal there isn't really fic for these two (no pun), a canon interracial queer pairing who seem to have settled into an awesome rhythm at the end of the film, Nelson settling Barry's anger and Barry serving as Nelson's new conscience.

I'd love anything with them, but especially a fill-in-the-blank of those two weeks John was in solitary. He rejoins the rest of the prison, and Nelson and Barry seem to be happily together, but we've only watched them step away from the creepy noncon territory and agree to be friendly. What gets Nelson genuinely falling for Barry, and how does their relationship evolve them into the characters we see at the end of the film? I'd love all the first time scenes ever, especially, since my personal thinking is Nelson's never been with a man before, Barry's very experienced physically but not genuinely connected with a partner, and there's a lot of sexuality and intimacy issues going on all around.

Queen's Blade
Characters: Annelotte Kreutz, Luna Luna, Leina Vance, Elina Vance
Pairings: Annelotte/Luna Luna, Leina/Elina

I'd be shocked if I got a fill for this fandom, because most people seem to view it as softcore hentai if they think anything about it at all, but there are some incredible characters and relationships that I'd love to see built on in fic. Annelotte and Luna Luna from Queen's Blade Rebellion especially caught my interest, with how Luna Luna seems to be fascinated by Annelotte and becoming a better person through falling for her. I want a story exploring their relationship and officially getting them together. Sexytimes would be fantastic.

I also really enjoy the relationship between Leina and Elina in the original Queen's Blade, be that sisterly or incest, and I'd love anything that explores their relationship and how their growing apart is emphasized/symbolized by Elina's unrequited romantic feelings. Bonus if Elina gets her woman, even if only for one night.

Dokidoki Precure
Characters: Aida Mana, Regina, Hishikawa Rikka
Pairings: Regina/Mana, Rikka/Mana

Regina and Mana's relationship stole my heart more than I ever expected. I want all the fluff and relationship-building with them - Regina's innocent sociopathy warming and changing under Mana's influence, Mana encouraging her growing friendship with the Cures, Mana and Regina's adorable sleepover before she's stolen away again. Fluffy first kisses and cuddling and hand-holding and love confessions. On a darker note, would love to see something plotty where Mana has to go through something epic and plotty to finally get Regina back, possibly where it's not even as simple as a rescue. What happens when the girl who wants to help everyone comes against someone who has been abused into thinking she doesn't want help at all?

I'm also quite fond of Rikka, what a solid presence and down-to-earth support she is for Mana and how Mana doesn't even bat an eye at the "married" jokes. I could alternately ship or friendship-ship them, but I'd love a deeper exploration of their dynamic, how Rikka copes with Mana giving her love to so many people, and how Rikka will always be her steady partner and best friend in spite of it all.

Disney Princesses
Characters: Any
Pairings: I'm open to anything!

I snuck this one in here on a whim, because what I am dying to see is a Disney Princesses - or even just Disney - Magical Girl AU. Something where they're like Precure, Sailor Senshi, or even just superheroes - what would that look like? What are their team dynamics? What would their powers be and how would their respective villains look? I'd love some really rich, detailed worldbuilding around that idea. I'd be happy with any or all of the Disney ladies involved in this. I'm not especially invested in either femmeslash or canon ships, but I can't think of anything that would offend me, so go nuts if you have a particular inter-princess dynamic you'd like to see.

I have no idea if I've covered nearly enough here, but I'm really open to most things! Thank you so much for writing for me this year, and for making sense of my ramblings, and I'm really looking forward to what everyone comes up with!



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