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Amidst the shipwars happening on Tumblr right now, it was stated that Klaine shippers were "doing it wrong" because we were treating our ship like a gay couple instead of just a couple, which creates further inequality.

So yeah.

Well-reasoned responses about why that's fucking ridiculous if you know anything about THE WHOLE WORLD AT LARGE were had, and I noted that this had better not be a ship war thing because if it was I had some Choice Words, and then a Kum shipper responded and confirmed that not only is it in fact a ship war thing, but checked off every goddamn square on Privilege Bingo. And then they asked whether anyone who ships Klaine would continue to do so if it was a straight pairing, based on their behavior. It is not the first time I have seen this question asked.

On this day, I have caused wank on Tumblr with the below, and I regret NOTHING.

YES, you presumptuous assholes, yes we goddamn WOULD.

Because you know what? The pairing that we enjoy does not hinge on whether or not SOMEONE IS IN THE CLOSET. Or whether they LIKE DICK IN THE FIRST PLACE. It’s about whether they’re GODDAMN COMPATIBLE and how they’ve HELPED EACH OTHER IN THE FIRST PLACE and WHAT THEY COULD CONTINUE TO LEARN FROM EACH OTHER, and it is not, it is not, about taking five seconds of interaction that establishes NOTHING from an emotional end and adding finding fifty thousand hidden already-Jossed hints about whether someone is LOLHESSOGAY (as if that is his ONLY FUCKING PERSONALITY TRAIT that fucking matters) and arguing how the rest of the world needs to support that because being a jock or a nerd is somehow a better kind of gay person to be than a prep or a fashionista or a closeted bully or a cheerleader or the fifty thousand other ways that exist to be a person who happens to be gay. So don’t you DARE tell me that we are only supporting what we support because it’s two people who share the same genitalia, don’t you even fucking DARE, when I have seen more wrongheaded homophobic straightsplaining bullshit from your end of the fandom than I have ever seen anywhere in fandom UP TO THIS POINT. Clean up your own goddamn mess first.

Believe me, I have shipped PLENTY of things, gay, straight, and otherwise that are not canon, that have never had a chance in hell at becoming canon, and I have done that while being completely boggled at how the canon relationship we see instead is supposed to be healthy or positive - while realizing, because I know a goddamn thing about storytelling, about what the intent is supposed to be and whether my reactions are based in personal preference or in what the story is actually supposed to portray and how that just fails for me or fails on the part of the storytellers for whatever reason. Most Klaine shippers didn’t like BIOTA either, okay? We took what we knew about the characters and what we knew about the writers and tried to figure out the intention of the story and where it went wrong. And if the relationship continued to go in that direction, I would not fault a single person who stopped shipping it. But I have never, and never WOULD in a thousand years, told a huge fucking group of people from all walks of life that they are not representing the GLBTQI community appropriately because they enjoy a particular representation of it as opposed to another one. You know how many Klaine shippers I’ve seen do that? Zero.

And you know what, I disagree with what started all this in the first place, with this idea that you have to vote yes to Klaine in a poll because it’s the only gay male couple on there and we need to ~represent, and I understand the issues behind that and why it would piss people off. But whenever I saw people asking about that, it was in the most well-meaning and polite way freaking imaginable, in response to some overzealous children cheating on the damn thing so they could show a dislike for one ship over another one that isn’t represented because they made it up in their own heads. It wasn’t about “you have to like Klaine.” It was about “can you not show your butthurt about your other pairings all over something that’s meant to represent normalized gay relationships to the world.” So while I completely disagree with their well-meaning but IMO incorrect idea that what we like or the story we want to see told should be all about some kind of solidarity forever OMG, since God knows supporters of gay rights don’t all have a hivemind...

Guess who I’m pissed at?

Hint: not THEM.


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Apr. 4th, 2011 08:46 pm (UTC)
And this why I stay away from tumblr and shipwars

I don't even. Why are people so obsessed with shipping a better ship to begin with? I don't get it. Focus on the love you have for a ship, not the hate you have for another.
I get why people are interested in Kum, but you know what? That's where fanfiction comes in. It's not gonna happen in canon, so make it happen in fanon yourself if you need it that badly. ):

I think it's a shame because we pretty much have that ~closeted jock~ storyline going on both in Karofsky and in Santana. (Sure she's no jock, but she's a cheerio, and that's kind of the same thing but for girls, or something.) Why do people still point fingers and say Glee isn't giving us this storyline?

I just don't get it. Such a waste of energy and time and... god. How does this mess even exist. ):
Apr. 4th, 2011 08:56 pm (UTC)
I can see the appeal of Kum as a story - it does NOTHING for me, in any way whatsoever, but I get what they thought up in their heads and I have had my share of "but do you see how this is happening guys do you see what's going on underneath here why are they not talking about it?!?!?!" regarding fandoms and pairings and characters before. I 100% understand that, and like, if it were just about that I would not give a rat's ass.

I have a feeling that we've got our compressed Klaine-bubble view of how the Kum fandom interacts and they've got their compressed Kum-bubble (oh god kill me now) view of how Klaine fandom interacts, and we each have our ideas of how THE WHOLE ENTIRE FANDOM HIVEMIND sees the ship and what we get out of it, and you know, if I were a more patient person I'd read some of the responses I've gotten to my wankage and try and communicate that to them, even.

But what I've seen come out of that subfandom is so childish and hateful and bashing of everyone else around them, on a regular fucking basis, when I've never seen anyone in Klaine even go outside our canon bubble of happy to be SMUG or to even BOTHER anybody, that I don't have the patience for it. I'd really rather tell everyone just how hateful they are, and that they have no right to judge us for some imagined half-imitation of the politicized ignorance I've seen from them from day freaking one, and barf an acidic rainbow in their laps. Because it's goddamn cathartic at this point.
Apr. 4th, 2011 09:04 pm (UTC)
I'd really rather tell everyone just how hateful they are

I totally agree. I just can't stress enough how sad it is people act this way to begin with.
To a certain extent I can get it in other fandoms (although still not really because I've never been involved in a shipwar and I don't intend to), but to behave this way when watching a show that puts a lot of emphasis on accepting yourself and others for the way they are makes it worse to me.
Bleh. hate. dnw.

The thing I dislike so much about these kind of things is that there's always people who identify with what is going on. There are people who are like Kurt and need a Blaine and there are people like Blaine who need a Kurt, and by bashing the ship and the shippers so much, you're also bashing these people.
And that always hurts.

This is also why the whole BIOTA Blaine-needs-to-grovel-fic hurt me. Because although I haven't been in that situation exactly, I did something similar. And hurt someone with it. And I regret it. But I suddenly felt like all these people couldn't forgive me for a stupid mistake I made.

And similarly, there'll be people for any kind of situation and any kind of ship that can identify with it and appreciate it for that, and I think it's important to at least leave those people have their worth.

But hating is hurtful and I don't get why people go out and post crap with that intention.

Apr. 4th, 2011 11:42 pm (UTC)
The sheer intensity of Kum shippers is kind of terrifying. I don't get why people are still clinging to those summer spoilers, because obviously the writers changed their minds at some point. Writers do that. All the freaking time. Maybe Sam was eventually going to be the BF. I have no idea. But obviously, Darren came along and blew all everyone and everything away, and that was that.

As a fanon ship, I can kinda sorta maybe see it, I guess (I find Sam pretty dull, to be perfectly honest). In canon, though? Absolutely no way. They really only have one good episode to base the pairing on, and the two have not had any real interaction

I really don't get these Kum shippers who still insist that it's going to happen and who are being so rude and hateful about it. It's one thing to be sad that your preferred ship isn't going to happen, but to start pointless shipper wars, insist Klaine is one big conspiracy theory cover-up for the REAL pairing, and do Da Vinci Code-style clue hunts? Kinda sad, really.
Apr. 4th, 2011 11:48 pm (UTC)
I don't even care about the flat-out delusional fuckery going on, I seriously don't, it's the rudeness. It's the pervasive, mean-spirited, UGLY rudeness. I ship Zutara. I understand Harmony. Kum would be a stupid goddamn story at this point in time to me, for so many reasons, but I respect people who feel differently.

I have never seen so much disgustingly HATEFUL behavior from a group in fandom before them. EVER.
Apr. 4th, 2011 11:53 pm (UTC)
The sheer intensity of Kum shippers is kind of terrifying. I don't get why people are still clinging to those summer spoilers, because obviously the writers changed their minds at some point.

I honestly think it's because the sheer fact of Kurt existing as a canonical gay character means that the ship had the potential to become canon and didn't. So people who got invested in the ship as potential canon feel cheated.
Apr. 5th, 2011 09:40 am (UTC)
I'm afraid this comes to mind...
Apr. 5th, 2011 12:36 pm (UTC)
Re: I'm afraid this comes to mind...
LOL, see, there'd be no end of ignoring the urge to explain how someone is Wrong on the Internet, because 1) we've all been there but yeah it's ridiculous, 2) like hell I am going to feed the flames of what is basically some guy talking about how his home team would have made that play better and has a better linebacker and whatever when their team is not even the one playing this evening and I really just want him to shut up for a second so I can watch. But I can ignore that, seriously. Begrudgingly ignore it, but ignore it.

I have some serious, serious issues with insulting the collective queer identity of a thousand-odd people. I had to make kind of a public Statement about that one.
Apr. 5th, 2011 06:42 pm (UTC)
Hope you don't mind a comment from a random lurker (IT'S NOT AS CREEPY AS IT SOUNDS, OKAY, I JUST REALLY LIKED YOUR BLAINE META /o\) but thank you for saying this. Especially this:

when I have seen more wrongheaded homophobic straightsplaining bullshit from your end of the fandom than I have ever seen anywhere in fandom

I don't care if they want to ship a ship that's never going to happen, or if they think it would be better, or whatever. What bothers me most about Kurt/Sam shippers is that on top of all the negativity and hatred they bring to fandom, they are the most self-righteous -- while making the same goddamn comments they proclaim to be "fighting" and, frankly, doing/saying far more offensive things than the people they sneer at. Don't like the canon relationsip? Fine. But don't go around making comments about how abusive and unhealthy and inadequate it is; cheating on polls and badgering spoiler sources; sending fucking letters to RIB, Chris, and Chord about the ~right kind of gay you'd like to see on tv.

So, yes. applause.gif, carry on being awesome, etc.
Apr. 6th, 2011 06:59 pm (UTC)
RANDOM LURKERS ALWAYS WELCOME, do you think I'm like a celebrity with thousands of them? My ego is THRILLED.

And god, every time someone validates that there IS a deeper, underlying privilege-y thing going on with them I feel validated. Like I know plenty of them must be GLBTQI themselves and I never want to judge a group on the whole, but I see so, so much heteronormativity and judging of what it REALLY~ means to be gay all the while pulling out really insulting stereotypical things that are supposed to be hints and ugh ugh ugh.
Apr. 7th, 2011 03:28 am (UTC)
I see so, so much heteronormativity and judging of what it REALLY~ means to be gay all the while pulling out really insulting stereotypical things that are supposed to be hints and ugh ugh ugh.

This has been putting my teeth on edge for forever with this group. That along side the insistence that S/K is the big meaningful gay relationship that is so moving and IMPORTANT.
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